Friday, April 29, 2011

About This Blog

I couldn't figure out a good title for my new blog. So I thought I'd christen it after my profile pic -- a photo of a shamelessly re-dressed Ultraman-As-Santa in the display window of a small bicycle-and-everything store on the outskirts of Tokyo.

But worse things than this have taken place in our world. For instance, the horrendous earthquakes and tsunamis in recent Japan.

So, in honor of the land where anime was born, I am calling my new blog, the Bearded Ultraman.

This blog will have all kinds of stuff. It's my throw-every-thought-into-the-box safe place.

Before I end this entry, let me just assert again that I sincerely feel that Ultraman should never have become stuck behind a shop window dressed as Saint Nick.

I mean, just click on the video below and watch in awe. You'll understand what I mean.

Oh, and, um, you can find my profile here.

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